St Barbara’s Day in North Sydney

Friday, 2 December 2005 at 12.15pm for 12.30pm


This year the Sydney mining community celebrates the 1,767th birthday of St Barbara, patron saint of miners, at the Spicy Island Singapore & Malaysian Restaurant Street, Level 1, Tower Square, 155 Miller Street, North Sydney on Friday,
2 December 2005 at 12.15pm. If you wish to join in please email us and come along and join one of the friendly tables.


What is St Barbara’s Day?

While the origin of St. Barbara and her identification with mining are “lost in antiquity”, the legend of the Patron Saint of Mining was written in the seventh century and mining communities throughout Europe, Latin and South America and Australia have long honoured her for her protection of miners from accidents. This year, our proud sponsors MIGNS, the Mining Industry Group North Sydney, are again delighted to present this Feast Day of St Barbara for Sydney’s mining resources industry to celebrate the proud tradition of mining and to commemorate the continuing memory of St Barbara.


St Barbara’s Day at North Sydney comprises a superb lunch and the chance to gather in the one location and discuss and celebrate the achievements of the past year and we approach the Christmas season and as we make our final preparations for the SMEDG Harbour Cruise.


We look forward to seeing you at this year’s event.  Cost, depending on your enthusiasm, will be $45.


RSVP by 1 December 2005 to