Challenging Unconscious Bias to Advance Diversity


WIMnet NSW invites you to an interactive presentation on Unconscious
Bias versus Ingrained Habits led by Simon Corcoran,
Project Delivery and
Diversity Leader, Australia and Diversity Leader Asia Pacific in
Human Capital group. 


This workshop is intended for all (male and female) who
have an interest in promoting diversity in the workplace and developing an
inclusive culture.


PwC has offered to share with us some ideas and work they have
been using internally to help their management, from the top down, become aware
of unconscious bias and understand what they can do to change behaviour,
language and approach to decision-making to overcome natural bias and to
minimise its impact in the organisation. 


This successful programme has received international acclaim
from outside PwC and the session that Simon will run will provide a light and
fun way to work through some of those age-old situations that face each of us
every day.



Unconscious Bias is the latest wave streaming across the
diversity world right now and there’s much debate about how it actually works.
PwC have found an interesting link between habit formation and bias that, if
recognised and challenged, can help us in our own businesses.

Also known as Hidden Bias, Unconscious Bias arose as a way to explain why
discrimination persists, even though polling and other research clearly shows
that people oppose it. Initially, some researchers conjectured that people
sought to hide their bias from pollsters – and simply lied about their views
for fear of appearing prejudiced. However, this lack of awareness explains why
bias exists today in every organisation at every level.


There are ways of minimising the unwanted impacts of bias in our

Over time our biases become habits – some good and some bad. At an
organisational level the culture can breed some bad behaviour about the way
certain people are treated. As leaders, we have the opportunity to foster new
habits and create positive change encouraging open mindedness and an inclusive


Event Details


Thursday 2 May 2013


2.30 – 5.30 PM with refreshment break mid-afternoon



Darling Park

Level 10 Tower 2

201 Sussex Street

Sydney 2000


Free to attend, courtesy of the kind sponsorship of PwC


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We look forward to welcoming you at this event.


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